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Neustar’s Port Power Search (Port PS) is a user friendly, web-based application that provides real-time access to authoritative, industry telephone number (TN) data and seamless integration with the Pooling Administration for block and code provisioning.

This is your numbering solution!
Port PS derives its data directly from NANPA, the U.S. NPACs, and the Pooling Administration so the data is always the most current. There are four components to Port PS which work independently, each playing a different role in the numbering environment.  Click the link for more detail on how these critical Port PS components can support your organization.


Port PS Basic combines industry data and allows you to determine TN ownership and routing information given pooling and porting activities.

Query Manager

With Query Manager you can report on your entire TN inventory using your SPIDs and OCNs. You may generate the queries at the TN, Block, or Code level, plus, you can use a variety of parameters (for example, geography or LRN) to pinpoint specific subsets of data in your TN inventory.

Query Manager also has standard reports to allow you to easily get information on porting activity for a specific time period, or a list of TNs for a given LRN(s).


Resource Inventory Management System (RIMS) is a comprehensive application used to interact with the Pooling Administration and NANPA for block and code administration. RIMS has an easy to use GUI, which makes block and code ordering simple and error free and it tracks and stores your transactions to enable you to fulfill regulatory requirements.

Because RIMS stores your forecasts and your interactions with NANPA and the Pooling Administration, it can analyze pool block exhaust forecasts and create forecast reporting and other regulatory reporting and send the reporting to the numbering administrators, (i.e., NRUF Reporting and Pooling forecasts). It can also effectively and efficiently coordinate the request, modification, donation, and return of pool blocks and codes.


The Port PS Application Programming Interface (API) automates the retrieval of ownership and routing data on large volumes of TNs without manual data entry so you can easily integrate with your own back office systems.